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November 9, 2015



SFDS Shop Funds Frequently Asked Questions


What is SFDS Shop Funds?

It is an ongoing fundraising program designed to allow families to effortlessly raise funds for the school while making regular purchases they would normally make every day.


How does the school benefit?

For each cash card purchased, a percentage of the card’s value is returned as a rebate

to the school that is used to contribute to the school’s fundraising effort.


What kinds of cash cards are available?

Cash cards are available for department stores (The Bay, London Drugs, Sears,

Walmart), supermarkets (IGA, Safeway, SaveOn Foods, Superstore, T&T), gas stations

(Chevron, Esso, Petro-Can, Shell), home improvement (Home Depot, Home Hardware,

Lowes, Rona), specialty stores (Best Buy, Chapters, Gap, Old Navy) and restaurants

(Boston Pizza, Burger King, Earls, Red Robin, Subway). There currently are 60

participating vendors. The cash cards can come in denominations of $10, $25, $50 or,

$100 or $250, depending on the vendor.


For a complete list of the participating vendors and their available denominations, email

sfdsshopfunds@gmail.com for a vendor list or pick up an order form from the school



How much does the school get back from the cash cards?

Each cash card sold returns a certain percentage rebate back to the school. The rebate

percentage varies from 21% to 10% depending on the vendor – the exact rebate for

each vendor is listed in the order form. The average rebate is 4.85%.


How to go about ordering?

An order form can be requested from sfdsshopfunds@gmail.com or picked up from the school office. Fill in the order form and place it in along with payment in a sealed

envelope and drop it off at the school office. It typically takes 7 school days from when the orders are removed from the school office safe after the order deadline to having the cash cards ready for distribution.


How are the cards paid for?

Payment for SFDS cash cards orders can be made with cash or cheque. Credit cards are not accepted at this time.


How long does it take to process an order?

It is expected to take anywhere from 5 – 7 school days for orders to be received,

processed, and available for distribution.


How are the cards distributed?

After the cards are received and processed, the contact person on the order form is

notified either by phone, email or both that their order is ready to be picked up from

the school office. Upon picking up your order, you sign to acknowledge you received it.


How secure is paying by cash?

The school office has a special safe designated for shop funds orders so when orders

are dropped off, they go directly into the safe until the orders can be processed.

However, to make it even safer and secure for all parties involved, paying for orders

using cheques is recommended.


Do the cards have an expiry date?

By law, cash/gift cards in British Columbia do not expire.


Are the cards refundable?

The cards are not refundable but will continue to be accepted by the vendor



How much should each family buy?

There is no obligation for families to purchase SFDS cash cards. However, if each and

every family made use of the cash cards for their regular everyday purchases (food,

gas, clothing, dining out, entertainment, etc.), the amount of rebate the school collects

could become a significant source of fundraising for the school.


What is the long term plan for this program?

The hope is that the funds raised through the SFDS Shop Funds program can become a significant contributor to the school’s fundraising goals such that the need for other

fundraising activities will be reduced or even eliminated.


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