Theme Reflection

Pope Francis, in his encyclical letter, Laudato Si’, published May 2015, has given the world a gift of Christian insight and wisdom concerning an important and timely subject: the environment. We are all aware of environmental issues, but in our busy lives, tend to consider them as issues for others, namely environmental experts, politicians, business leaders, and indigenous peoples, for example. Let them grapple together, sort things out, make their deals, and hopefully all will be well. Pope Francis, good pastor that he is, does not let us off so easily. He wants each of us to confront the difficult reality of the degradation of the environment and its implications for the poor of the world, future generations and our own lifestyles. In his mind, everything is connected. This year, under the theme of Care For Everyone in Our Common Home, we will reflect on the most essential teachings of this encyclical and make concrete resolutions for changes in our own lives.

A prayer for this school year: 

God has made us in His image and likeness. 

Let us pray to God, the Father Almighty, that we will be true stewards of creation.  

Help us to care for the earth and to use the world’s resources thoughtfully and prudently.  

Help us to care for all God’s creatures, great and small, who inhabit this planet with us.  

Help us to care for our brothers and sisters with open hearts. 

Help us to reach out to those in special need with the compassion of Christ.  

Help us to use our gifts and talents to continue to strengthen and build the work of Christ on Earth.  


Let us care for everyone in our common home!